Meet the team

Imagine having a dream and not be able to live it.

Everything has a story, and we are here to tell it. Linked by many interests, Hip-Hop (sub)cultures and street art is what really connects us. And while most people might overlook these subcultures, like they so often do with art, we see and appreciate it. Sometimes the most talented guy could be none other than your next-door neighbor. Many people got talent, but no money and no way out. We give passionate artists, who love their work, a way to publish it. It is hard to get your art out there on your own and being part of a group and community, makes it’s easier. We grew up in a conscious and organic way and have always been living in flow with nature. As life is already fast enough, we just want to live our lives to the best. And while we want to create, we want to do so mindfully. Quality over quantity, meaning that we create limited edition clothing that lasts. If it’s gone, it’s gone, so take care of it.

  • Ivan

    Founder of Good Vibez ltd a.k.a. the man with the plan. Works closely with everyone in the team on every aspect.

  • Finn

    The manager that keeps everything running smoothly, a true problem solver.

  • Daniel

    Jack of all trades. From finance to model and overall advisor for the brand

  • Marijn

    Photographer & web developer. Our Clark Kent, healing the world through photography

  • Casper

    In-house designer, makes sure that all the projects are ready for the press.

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